Preparing a Cover Letter

Preparing a cover letter

The cover letter plays an important role in improving your ability to compete for jobs. Its sole purpose is to encourage the reviewer to read your resume.

The letter should concentrate on the position, demonstrating how your skills and abilities qualify you for the job.

You should always research the company and use this information to display your enthusiasm and understanding for the job being advertised.

Key Rules of a Cover Letter

  • Always personalise your cover letter with every resume you send.
  • In the first paragraph your objective is to get the reader's attention. Get right to the point and tell them why you are applying.
  • Highlight how your experience matches the job requirements.
  • Be concise and keep the letter short.
  • Include any reference numbers specified.
  • Encourage the recruiter/employer to read your resume by referring to it.
  • Detail what you have to offer in this position.
  • Draw links to previous experience relevant to this position.
  • Let the reviewer know when you will be available for an interview.
  • Make it easy for them to contact you by supplying your phone number and email address in the cover letter.
  • Demonstrate any research you have made on the company.
  • Address your letter to the right person. Do not use Sir/Madam. If you don't know who to address the letter to find out!
  • And most importantly, proof read your letter for typos and gramatical errors!

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