Getting a Raise

5 steps to getting a salary increase

Successfully asking your employer for a raise requires preparation. Five key steps that will help you get that raise are:

1. Research the job market

  • Identify the market demand for your job role/occupation
  • Investigate job opportunities (print and online) and talk to contacts at other companies.
  • Consult salary surveys and compare salary levels for your job.

2. Know what you have to offer

  • Gather information about your past performance.
  • Be clear about your strengths.
  • Consider what you have to offer your employer in the future.

3. Find out what your employer and/or organisation needs in the future

  • Identify where you fit in your organisation's plans and objectives
  • Find out what skills/support services your employer requires now and in the future and ask yourself how you can address these requirements

4. Rehearse or role-play what you are going to say to your employers

  • Prepare and practise making your proposal.
  • Consider whether you will accept alternative benefits or options to a salary increase.

5. Initiate a discussion

  • Request a meeting. Show commitment and confidence in your proposal.
  • Keep in mind that you may not get an answer at the first meeting.

Do your follow up

  • Summarise the meeting outcomes and forward communications to your employer within 24 hours to ensure that all points raised are equally understood.
  • If you do not get an acceptable outcome, reflect on what worked at the meeting and what did not. Ask for a follow up meeting in 3 or 6 months time.

Re-published with permission from DFP Recruitment Services

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