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For Members

For Members

For Members

We have provided you with a truck-load full of tools & resources to make managing your career quick and easy.

Job Application Tools - application tracker keeps track of your job applications in one central location. Cover letter has templates and samples including tips for writing yours. Resume gives you all you need including templates, samples, advice and tips plus an easy way to have yours polished up by some pros. My Broadcast lets you build a professional career profile on our site. Thank you letters are ready to go and include templates for your use.

Job Interview Tools - General information on interviews, types of interviews & interviewers, preparation tips, a run-down of the practicalities, how to control content & flow, advice on negotiating your job offer as well as practical guidance on follow up.

Networking - gives you extensive commentary on what, why, how and who to network to tap the hidden job market.

Resignation Tools - How to know when its time to go? What to check for in your contractual obligations before resigning. How to resign with class. Templates that are ready to go when you are. Retraction letters in case you change your mind. Job handover information as well as useful commentary on exit interviews.

Career Management - advice on getting help & helping yourself. Are you in the right job? - an easy way to work it out using simple online tests.

The Job Market - advice on working the hidden job market plus some handy salary and job stats.

Associations & Bodies - an easy way to find them all.

Finances - all you will need to get yours in order once and for all.

Books & Resources – to take along on your career journey.

Coaching & Mentoring - what? why? and how?

Industries - overviews on all of them.

Recruiters - how to track them down and leverage them.

Seminars & Events - that let you identify the best ways to grow your mind.

Background Verification - have your resume checked by a third party to give you a jump on the competition.

Training & Education – bundles of courses, classes and structured learning programs to get you qualified.